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Compliance, Operations, Information Technology, and Finance Support Services for Investment Advisors

At C/Bridge Strategic Advisors, we provide best in class, high touch services. At the onset of our relationship, we seek to gain a holistic understanding of your firm. We take a deep dive into learning the complexities of your business operations and tailor our services to meet your specific needs using a practical and streamlined process.


Operations is the backbone of every company and supports the investment process. C/Bridge owners each have 20+ years of experience in strategic operations and solving critical business issues for investment advisers. We understand the operations workflow, processes, and relevant technology. We’ve also developed strong partnerships with vendors through our career. We have the knowledge, experience, and resources to solve your business issues. Our services include:

  • Business Process Analysis and Innovation
  • Vendor Review and Selection (Trading System, Accounting, CRM, and Reporting)
  • Strategic Operations Planning and Implementation
  • Team Management, Mentoring, and Coaching
  • Operating Policies and Procedures

Information Technology

Information Technology is a critical component in today’s business environment. Investment firms rely on a dependable infrastructure that meet regulatory requirements. We know the challenges firms face on a day-to-day basis for both in-house and outsourced solutions. C/Bridge owners have implemented and managed complicated technology infrastructures to address these common challenges and promote business goals. We assist investment advisors with:

  • Identifying host providers and selecting appropriate environments.
  • Coordinating system migrations and technical support needs.
  • Identifying and proactively protecting against Cyber Security threats.
  • Preparing system conversion and upgrade plans.
  • Developing internal training programs to promote data integrity and compliance.


We have CFO level experience and understand the critical finance areas for investment advisers. We help companies improve operational efficiency by streamlining financial operations and implementing new technologies. Our financial services include:

  • Implementing Financial Controls
  • Client Billing and Revenue Collection
  • Accounts Payable – Streamlined and Virtual
  • Coordinating Banking and Insurance
  • Streamlining Bill Paying and Expense Reporting
  • Vendor Relationships and Contracts
  • Lease Negotiations


The compliance needs of every investment advisor differs, depending on the particular business model and service offerings. C/Bridge has worked with many companies to develop a robust program that complies with regulations and employs industry best practices for:

  • Business Processes
  • Manuals, Policies, and Checklists
  • Calendar Management
  • Compliance Testing and Training
  • Annual Reviews, Including Risk Assessments and Mitigation
  • Mock Exams
  • Operational Due Diligence
  • Regulatory Review/Filings
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Continuity

We also help investment advisors work through complex compliance issues and  identify practical solutions.

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